SkyWest Airlines Partners with HAA on Tuition Reimbursement Program

Hillsboro Aero Academy has partnered with SkyWest Airlines to provide a tuition reimbursement program and Pilot Pathway Program – allowing Hillsboro students to get a jump start on their commercial aviation career. With the SkyWest Pilot Pathway program, Hillsboro Aero Academy cadets will be reimbursed $15,000 for their flight training costs. In addition to the financial tuition reimbursement, students in the Pilot Pathway Program receive one-of-a-kind mentorship, enhanced SkyWest Company seniority, and a guaranteed final First Officer interview.  This unique pilot pathway opportunity provides aspiring airline pilots direct access to the tools to take their career to new heights.

“This program provides a pathway for our students after graduation to a well-known airline while supporting our efforts to develop flight instructors to train the next generation of pilots,” said Jon Hay, Hillsboro Aero Academy President and CEO.

Unlike an internship, the Pilot Pathway Program allows students to remain at Hillsboro Aero Academy to complete their flight training until they are able to meet SkyWest’s Airline Transport Pilot standards. Each cadet is individually mentored by SkyWest pilots and may have the opportunity to participate in SkyWest recruiting events and outreach programs.

“It’s an exciting time to be a SkyWest pilot – we offer an unmatched combination of opportunity, training, quality of life and pay,” said Tracy Gallo, SkyWest Vice President – Flight Operations. “And by joining the Pilot Pathway Program at Hillsboro Aero Academy, you join an elite tier of students who have a direct path to becoming a SkyWest pilot.”

For more information, contact Hillsboro Aero Academy’s Talent Acquisition Manager Ashley Souza at


About SkyWest

With over 13,000 aviation professionals operating more than 2,100 daily flights, SkyWest Airlines connects millions of passengers each month to 241 destinations across North America. SkyWest operates in partnership with Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines and has a fleet of 445 aircraft. Headquartered in St. George, Utah, SkyWest’s industry-leading workforce and excellent leadership team have consistently generated solid operational and economic performance, setting the standard for excellence in the regional industry.