Airplane Pilot Career Path

Have you dreamed about a career for international airlines, private individuals across the globe, or worldwide freight carriers? These career paths can be very competitive, but Hillsboro Aero Academy has the knowledge and experience to help you attain the skills needed for these careers.

The first step to beginning your career is starting your flight training and obtaining the ratings and certificates you need to fly professionally. After you finish training, you’ll have about 250 hours of flight time as an airplane pilot. But, you’ll need anywhere from 750 to 1250 more hours to move on to your next step – working at a regional airline or entry-level job in another pilot career path.

The graphic below illustrates the career path options for professional airplane pilots. With the right training and guidance, you can start preparing to turn your dream into a successful career. Learn more about our airplane flight training program and visit our graduate map to see where in the industry our graduates work.