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Student of Excellence Award Winner Wonkyung 'Zoe' Lee

Wonkyung 'Zoe' Lee is a student you can find almost 24/7 at our Redmond Campus as she is both an airplane flight training student and employee in our line service department.

She joined our […]

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Student's Day Off: Five Memorable  Daytrips from Northwest Oregon

Even the most driven and committed flight student takes at least one day off from pilot classes every week, and that student will have to resist the temptation to take more days off once they[…]
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Student of Excellence Award Winner Ian Bishop

Ian joined HIllsboro Aero Academy in late 2018 with the dream of becoming a professional pilot. He travels from Vancouver to our Hillsboro Campus to pursue that dream and is currently working on[…]
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Understanding Airplane Ratings: CFI Ratings

In the final installment of our series explaining the ratings required to become a professional pilot, we will focus on the certified flight instructor ratings. The initial Certified Flight[…]

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Understanding Airplane Ratings: the Commercial Pilot Certificate

This week’s installment of Understanding Airplane Ratings focuses on the rating you probably hear the most about and that people are most familiar with, the Commercial Pilot Certificate. This is[…]

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Understanding Airplane Ratings: the Instrument Rating

So now that we covered the first part of the Professional Pilot Program curriculum last week when we discussed the Private Pilot Certificate, let’s move onto the next step in our aviation training[…]

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Understanding Airplane Ratings: the Private Pilot Certificate

This month we are going to break down all of the ratings and certificates needed to become a professional airplane pilot. When prospective students contact our school with questions about the[…]

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Hillsboro Aero Academy is a United Aviate Partner School

Did you know that Hillsboro Aero Academy is a United Aviate partner flight school? It’s true! That means that if you are a student or instructor at Hillsboro Aero then you are eligible to apply to[…]

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Is Weather Really That Important?

One of the questions we get asked most often in the admissions office is about the weather. People have heard about the rain in the Pacific Northwest and want to know how it will affect their[…]

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Student Profile - Meet Hayato Konaka

Meet Hayato Konaka who moved from Japan to the United States to join our professional pilot training program. He started his pilot classes in March 2020.
  1. Why do you want to be a pilot and what’s[…]
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