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Hillsboro Aero Academy is a United Aviate Partner School

Did you know that Hillsboro Aero Academy is a United Aviate partner flight school? It’s true! That means that if you are a student or instructor at Hillsboro Aero then you are eligible to apply to[…]

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Is Weather Really That Important?

One of the questions we get asked most often in the admissions office is about the weather. People have heard about the rain in the Pacific Northwest and want to know how it will affect their[…]

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Student Profile - Meet Hayato Konaka

Meet Hayato Konaka who moved from Japan to the United States to join our professional pilot training program. He started his pilot classes in March 2020.
  1. Why do you want to be a pilot and what’s[…]
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What You Need to Know About Aviation Medicals

You have now found the school you would like to attend, completed an introductory demonstration flight, and have made the decision to learn how to fly but what else do you need to become a pilot?

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