Boeing Industry Outlook: Resource for Projecting Pilot Demand

When trying to determine future demand for pilots, one of the resources we turn to is the Boeing: Pilot and Technician Outlook. This report looks at long-term pilot demand over the next 20 years and was just updated to for 2020-2039 which provides valuable projections for how this industry will recover from this pandemic over the coming years.

Many people are wondering what the recovery for the aviation industry will look like and when we can expect it to rebound, which is something we focused on in a recent blog post. Information provided by Boeing’s outlook helped solidify that the demand for pilots will recover in the coming years and even now we are seeing signs of improvement as airlines recall furloughed pilots and schedule training start dates for new classes.

Boeing’s Pilot and Technician Outlook provides a thoughtful assessment of airline pilot demand by region in addition to the cabin crew and technicians needed to support the aviation industry. The outlooks states, “We believe it will take around three years for commercial air travel to return to 2019 levels, and business aviation is currently in the midst of a robust recovery. Within that time frame, existing personnel will continue to reach retirement age or leave the industry for various reasons, leaving openings that will need to be filled by furloughed and new aviators.” This projection is encouraging for those considering a career as a professional pilot.

The outlook projects this demand for personnel over the next 20 years:

  • Pilots – 763,000
  • Technicians – 739,000
  • Cabin Crew Members – 903,000

These are significant numbers that show the long-term demand for aviation personnel is strong. While we focus most on pilot training, this also shows that there is great opportunity for those who are seeking other careers in aviation. The projected demand for cabin crew members and technicians demonstrates that these are other avenues to consider for those who are interested in the excitement of this industry.

For pilots, the greatest demand is expected in these markets:

  • Asia-Pacific – 837,000 pilots
  • North America – 569,000 pilots
  • Europe – 475,000 pilots
  • Middle East – 234,000 pilots

Resources such as this Boeing report help those of us in the flight training industry understand the future demand for pilots and know the role we play in ensuring there are pilots ready to fill these seats as the industry starts to rebound.

This outlook’s data serves as support for the continued need for pilots from established flight training schools. One of the key points of the outlook emphasizes the importance of pilot training when it states, “As the industry navigates the market downturn, effective training and an adequate supply of personnel remain critical to maintaining the health, safety and prosperity of the aviation ecosystem.”

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