Student of Excellence Award Winner Ian Bishop

Ian joined HIllsboro Aero Academy in late 2018 with the dream of becoming a professional pilot. He travels from Vancouver to our Hillsboro Campus to pursue that dream and is currently working on his CFI certificate.
His dedication to his training and continual desire to improve his piloting skills make him a great example to his fellow students and put him on a path to future success. 
Here's what his previous flight instructor had to say about him:

"He's not my student anymore, but I know he absolutely deserves it. He lives in Vancouver and drives here whether he's flying or not to study and use sims. He's very motivated and committed. He provides an astounding level of professionalism as well in regards to accepting his own failures and tries to address them directly and fix them.

Ian Bishop is a stellar individual and brings great credit upon himself due to his actions and overall work ethic.”
In recognition of his efforts and attitude we have named him the Student of Excellence Award winner for this month. Please join us in congratulating Ian.