Student of Excellence Award Winner Ryoji Sasaki

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Ryoji joined HIllsboro Aero Academy in 2018. He moved from Japan to pursue his professional pilot training at HIllsboro. Here is what his flight instructor, Michael Aguair, had to say about him:

"I’ve had the privilege of flying with Ryoji Sasaki as his primary instructor during his commercial multi, single, and currently CFII training. Throughout the course of getting to know Ryoji, I began to see not only his dedication to his own training but also his dedication towards helping others while they studied for their own. I often in the past (pre-COVID) would notice Ryoji helping some of the private pilot and instrument students with subjects or topics that they may have struggled with. I think Ryoji realized that this was also a way to help strengthen his own knowledge on the subject while helping other to get past some of their own difficulties.

Ryoji was always willing to go along with my advice when it came to his training. He never argued the repeat of a lesson or an additional ground. He placed trust in myself with his training which is always something we aim for as an instructor. It was with this trust that I was able to successfully get him through both of his check rides on a first attempt and helped to mold him into the great pilot he is today. My goal for all of my students is that they come out of training with the knowledge and skills to become a better pilot and instructor than I am today. I believe Ryoji will be just that.

Overall he’s genuinely just a nice guy. Studies hard, helps others, is always open to criticism and in short flies the plane really well."

It's this dedication to his studies, his support of his fellow students, and an overall positive attitude that had us select him as the Student of Excellence Award winner for the month.