Tips to Help Finance Your Training

Financing can be a hurdle for many people when trying to start a career as a professional pilot. Here are some some tips we have found helpful. 

  • Consider private loans 
    Our partners, Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo, have 
    financing options which can cover up to the full cost of the program for those who qualify. HAA is approved to offer the Wells Fargo Collegiate® loan and the Sallie Mae Career Training Smart Option Student Loan®.

    Click here to compare these loans. This comparison tool is a great way to see the monthly costs for the loan and the repayment terms.

    To learn more about the loan programs, here is contact information for the lenders we work with. And make sure to ask about the cosigner release which can be a great benefit to your cosigner if timely loan payments are made. 

             Wells Fargo Student Loan Consultant - 800.378.5526
             Sallie Mae - 855.429.9759
  • Research scholarship opportunities 
    Scholarships are another way to help finance a portion of your training. It does require some time and effort to find the right opportunities, but they're out there. Tuition Funding Sources gives you access to over 7 million dollars in scholarships and is great place to begin your search. 

  • Review other resources on financial aid to make sure you are well informed
    Wells Fargo Education Financial Services offers a free webinar series designed to provide you with valuable information about preparing and paying for your schooling.

The HAA admissions team is also available to answer any questions you might have about our training and financing as you consider making a career of aviation. Contact us at 1.503.726.3000 or