Why Now is the Right Time to Become a Helicopter Pilot

Have you dreamed about a career in aviation but weren't sure if the timing was right? Well, now is definitely the time to explore those dreams. Last year, the University of North Dakota and Helicopter Foundation International performed a pilot study that shows between 2018 and 2036, the US will experience a shortage of more than 7,600 pilots.

The study shows that over the next 12 years the number of new certified pilots will not be able to match the number of pilots retiring which is contributing to the pilot shortfall. And some evidence of the shortage is already apparent. More than half of the 250 helicopter companies and operators that participated in this study have reported they had a harder time hiring pilots in the last year. Almost 54 percent of those surveyed think that the lack of qualified pilots will interfere with their ability to grow over the next five years.

This demand could mean great opportunities for your future career. Hear what one of our graduates had to say about his experience training at Hillsboro and how he's using that experience to live his dream as a helicopter pilot. 

At Hillsboro Heli Academy, we have been training professional pilots for almost 40 years and have developed the experience and reputation to help you on the path toward a career in aviation. With the addition of our new Career Pathway Program, there are even more reasons now to look into a career as a helicopter pilot.

Contact our admissions team to learn more about the school, the training program, and the career path. We are ready to help you get started on a promising new career as a pilot so reach out today!