Become a global airline pilot: announcing our new Joint EASA-FAA program.

Calling all future airline pilots with global ambitions: our newly announced Joint EASA/FAA Pilot Program is a game-changer.

Through our partnership with Austria-based RotorSky, we have secured approval to offer commercial pilot training for both FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) certifications under one program, in a single location: our main campus in Hillsboro, Oregon. We are now the only flight school in the U.S. to offer dual EASA/FAA certification for both airplane and helicopter pilots, making us the global choice for flight training.

How does this new program benefit students? Let’s count the ways:

  1. Maximum employment flexibility. Holding commercial pilot ratings under both EASA and FAA regulations equips a pilot to fly globally, i.e., in both the U.S. and Europe, and in any country where either certification is accepted.
  2. Time and cost efficiency. The dual certification means that the flight hours students log can be applied toward both FAA and EASA qualifications, providing both time and cost savings. Given the generally lower cost of flight hours in the United States compared to Europe, the savings can be substantial.
  3. Airline readiness. Only HAA offers this dual certification alongside the F-1 visa, which means that international students in the program can remain in the U.S. for up to 23 months post-graduation, with the potential to work as Certified Flight Instructors and earn the flight hours that airlines require.
The program is comprehensive, covering all required ratings and licenses. A graduate from the program will be ready to fly commercially in the U.S. and will need only to complete the Multi-Crew Cooperation training (MCC) and the respective type-rating to fly line-service in Europe and all other EASA license-accepting countries worldwide.

If you’re interested in a global aviation career, this is your boarding call. Applications are already being accepted. Complete this form to learn more.