How to Move From the Cabin to the Cockpit?

While COVID has slowed the demand for airline pilots, this delay has not affected the long-term projections for commercial pilots needed over the next 20 years. The Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook 2020-2039 predicts that 763,000 commercial pilots will be needed worldwide during this time period. Those who start training toward their Commercial Pilot Certificate now have a better chance of being in the right position when airline hiring ramps up post-COVID.

This future demand has a lot of cabin crew considering “going left instead of right” and moving from the cabin to the cockpit and joining a pilot training school. We have seen the impact of this at our academy as more cabin crew members are starting their flight training now so that they are well positioned for the coming demand for pilots.  

Many of those cabin crew love flying and the adventure that working in the aviation industry provides so taking the next step to become a pilot seems like a natural progression. This was true for HAA graduate Leonardo Faria whose family introduced him to aviation. He said, “My big sister is a flight attendant for a major Brazilian airline and I started falling in love with the profession. I was able to travel and see new places around Brazil and the world while getting paid to do it! It was also an opportunity for me to save the funds to transition to the cockpit.” 
In order to help address some of the flight training and industry-related questions that prospective students have, we have developed a webinar specifically geared toward flight attendants considering moving from cabin to cockpit. The webinar introduces you to former flight attendants and current students who are now in the cockpit. You’ll learn why so many have chosen Hillsboro Aero Academy for their commercial pilot license training. Visit our website to sign-up for this webinar. 

Our admissions team is also available to answer any questions you may have as you consider whether a career as a pilot is right for you. Feel free to contact us at or 1.503.726.3000.