Student of Excellence Award Winner Christoph Erber - Community


Originally from a small village in Austria, Christoph joined Hillsboro Heli Academy in September 2020 to fulfil his dream of becoming a professional helicopter pilot.

Despite numerous challenges like wildfires, low clouds, and high winds, Christoph managed to complete his private pilot training in 3 months with just over 50 hours of flight time.

Acquiring  the knowledge and skill to safely and skillfully maneuver a helicopter is not an easy task, made even harder for our international students whose first language is not English. Christoph has impressed his peers and instructors with his dedication and hard work, focusing on improving his language and pilot skills every day.

His instructor also mentioned that he is very prepared for every lesson, has strong study habits, which even the DPE noticed and commented on, and is on time and professional for each activity.

Christoph's motivation, professionalism, and drive to get his training completed quickly are the reasons we have given him the Student of Excellence Award. Congratulations, Christoph! Keep up the excellent work. You are a great example for your fellow students.