Upcoming United Aviate Interviews

Information from our partner United Airlines about March interviews for the Aviate program.

In October, United launched United Aviate, the industry’s leading pilot career development program.  It is the fastest path to the airline with the most widebody aircraft.  United will make available a Frequently Asked Questions document shortly that will answer many of your questions about the Aviate program in addition to the information already contained in https://unitedaviate.com/.

As part of the launch of our United Aviate program, we have partnered with Hillsboro Aero Academy to source highly-qualified pilots.

We are excited to announce we will be holding our very first interviews at our newly renovated Aviate space on the 97th floor of Willis Tower in downtown Chicago March 4-13. The application for these interviews is available now via unitedaviate.com. Preparation is essential and to allow applicants to be better prepared for the interviews we will be hosting weekly Aviate Interview Prep Sessions via conference calls with the Managing Director of Pilot Strategy, Captain Curtis Brunjes, and the Managing Director of Aviate, Captain Bebe O’Neil.

Aviate Interview Prep Sessions

Optional chat with program leaders, outlining process details, expectations, and preparation tips:

  • Thursday (Feb 20): 3:00pm-4:00pm CST
  • Thursday (Feb 27): 4:00pm-5:00pm CST
  • Tuesday (Mar 3): 4:00pm-5:00pm CST
  • Tuesday (Mar 10): 4:00pm-5:00pm CST
  • Conference call:
    • Call-in: 1-888-330-1716
    • Access Code: 8596398#

Instructions to apply:

  • Update your logbook

  • Visit https://unitedaviate.com/
    • Select “Launch Your Career” on the top left menu or scroll down and select “Find your path to Captain”
    • Scroll down and select “Start Here” under “Learning to Fly” if you are a student or  “Building Flight Hours” if you are employed as a CFI
      • If you selected “Learning to Flying”, click “Continue Here” under “Aviate Partner Flight School”
    • Review the requirements and click “Apply Now” in Step 2
      • This will redirect you to AirlineApps.com
  • Once on the Airline Apps application page:
    • Review the program description and requirements for the “Professional Flight Training Entry Point” or “Experience Build Entry Point”, whichever is applicable
    • Scroll to the bottom and select “Apply Now” if new to Airline Apps or “Sign in” if you are already a member
      • If new, sign up before applying and complete all the applications sections (from Personal Data to Job Targeting)
  • From Job Targeting
    • Select Company “United Airlines”
    • Select Job “Aviate Entry”
    • Click “Add”
    • Click “Accept and Target”
    • Returns you to the Job Targeting homepage
    • Click “Missing” under “Addendum” to fill out the Aviate-specific questions
    • In the Entry Point selection, please fill out the “Professional Flight Training Entry Point” or “Experience Build Entry Point”, whichever is applicable
      • You can ignore the questions under all other entry points
  • Next Steps
    • After you have completed the Airline Apps application, you will receive an email with a link to finish your application through a United portal
    • Once your application has been screened, you will receive an invitation to schedule an interview
    • Upon scheduling the interview, a welcome pack will be emailed to you explaining how to book travel, along with other interview details

TIP:  Successful candidates tend to be those that fully prepare for the technical and behavioral components of the interview.  They come well-dressed and looking the part of a brand ambassador for the greatest airline in the world.

To learn more about Aviate, contact Hillsboro Aero Academy at 503.726.3000 or info@flyhaa.com