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COVID-19's Impact on Helicopter Pilot Careers

Any professional helicopter pilot will tell you that versatility is a big part of the appeal of helicopter flight. Versatility applies not only to the aircraft’s unique flight capabilities -- with[…]

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Student of Excellence Award Winner Christoph Erber

Originally from a small village in Austria, Christoph joined Hillsboro Heli Academy in September 2020 to fulfil his dream of becoming a professional helicopter pilot.

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A Note on Perseverance

I am sitting at my computer today listening to what we in the heli biz call ‘continuous precipitation’ (oft associated with stable air masses), coming in mostly gentle waves like rhythmic ocean tides[…]

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Student Profile - Meet Joel Tiess

Joel Tiess is a helicopter student who came all the way from Germany to join our training program. See what he has to say about his dream job and why he selected Hillsboro for his training.

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Announcing EASA-Certified Helicopter Flight Training

We are excited to announce a breakthrough for international students interested in doing their helicopter training in the U.S.  Our helicopter school, Hillsboro Heli Academy, just received[…]
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