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The Heli Academy Podcast - Heli Cool Culture

In this episode, Campus Manager Kimberly Whipps and Chief Instructor Eric discuss campus culture and student life. They cover exploring the Pacific Northwest and ways to connect with other students[…]

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The Heli Academy Podcast - It's Your First Day

In this first episode VP of Helicopter Operations Jared Friend and Chief Instructor Eric Doughtie discuss what the first day of your training looks like. From orientation at the school to getting[…]

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Should You Become A Pilot? 12 Reasons We Say YES

Deciding on a career path can often leave you feeling stuck at a crossroads. On one hand, you want a job that pays well and offers stability, but you also want a fulfilling and exciting career.


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Why is Networking Essential for Flight Training?

Flight training is the first step to achieving one's dream of becoming a pilot. The primary focus of flight training is to learn how to fly safely and competently. However, it's important to remember[…]

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How many flight hours do you need to solo?

Whether you’re excited or nervous about your first solo, there comes a time in flight training that requires sole occupancy of the aircraft for the very first time. Whether it takes 20 hours or 30[…]

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How does flight school work?

While many people are interested in working as a professional pilot especially in light of the pressing demand for pilots in areas of the industry such as the airlines, most people don’t know the[…]

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Remembering our Friend and Teacher Satoru "SK" Kamoshita

We at Hillsboro Aero Academy are mourning the sudden loss of our dear friend, colleague, mentor, and teacher Satoru Kamoshita, known to all of us as “SK.” He had been with our school for 24 years but[…]

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Student of Excellence Award Winner Wonkyung 'Zoe' Lee

Wonkyung 'Zoe' Lee is a student you can find almost 24/7 at our Redmond Campus as she is both an airplane flight training student and employee in our line service department.

She joined our flight[…]

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A CFI's Perspective on Reasons to Love Oregon

This month, I focused on telling you reasons why Oregon is an incredible place to live and train while completing our helicopter professional pilot program. However, I think it's also important[…]
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Student of Excellence Award Winner Ian Bishop

Ian joined HIllsboro Aero Academy in late 2018 with the dream of becoming a professional pilot. He travels from Vancouver to our Hillsboro Campus to pursue that dream and is currently working on his[…]
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